Take a moment to get oriented with the features that sureDispatch provides. From processing service calls to handling invoices, sureDispatch provides tools to help you get work done.


  • Detailed Reports on Vehicles, Customers, Inventory, Commission, Productivity
  • Employee Profile Management with Commission Setting and Vehicle Assignment
  • Direct Connection and Dispatch with Drivers and Service Providers
  • Driver Ability to Create, Edit, and Receive Calls
  • Driver Ability to Email Invoices and Take Photos
  • Custom Service Types and Pricing
  • Customer Profile Management
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Storage Lot Inventory
  • VIN Scan Capture
  • Custom Pricing
  • Invoicing


Create a Call

Create a Customer

Employee Setup

Vehicle Setup

How it Works

Incoming calls are logged in sureDispatch. A driver is assigned and dispatched to fulfill the service call.

Call Detail
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Then, the sureDispatch mobile application alerts the driver that a new call has been received and assigned to him. Drivers update the assignment information via the mobile app which automatically updates the system.

Call Detail
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Add Drivers, Commission, and Mobile App Permissions

You can add your drivers into sureDispatch, assign them to a vehicle, apply a commission percentage, and give mobile app permissions. Enabled permissions include the ability to create calls, accept calls, assign calls, and add customers via the mobile app.

Customer Profile
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Email Invoice, VIN Scan Capture, and Take Photos

From the mobile app you can email an invoice, use the VIN scan capture, or take and submit a photo to the call.

Driver Profile
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Custom Pricing

You can set custom pricing for your customers that will automatically populate in the call details when entering a call. Individual pricing can be set up per item, or you can set an overall discount percentage for the customer.

Payment Detail
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Invoices and Payments

An invoice can be created from the billing section on the call screen. Payment history is automatically stored for reference in the notes section and in the Payment Status. Payments can also be applied here as well.

Payment Detail
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Creating Storage Lots

You can easily create your storage lots that will appear in the drop down menu under Storage Location on the call screen.

Payment Detail
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Run a variety of reports with the ability to export to Excel, create a PDF, email or print it. Reports include:

  • Customer Activity
  • Employee Productivity and Vehicle Productivity
  • Employee Commission
  • Intake Report
  • Currently Inventory Report
  • And more!
Payment Detail
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Easily apply payments by using the drop down menu to select your customer. Then, enter the payment information and select the outstanding balances that you are applying the payment to.

Payment Detail
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Quickbooks Integration

sureDispatch integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks. You can run your Quickbooks reports, generate invoices, and export to an excel file.

Payment Detail
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